Quantum Quartet...

Quantum is a barbershop quartet founded in the fall of 2012. They are Jake Dunbar (tenor), Denis Laflamme (lead), Lloyd Parchment (bass), and Brent Morton (bari).  In 2013, Quantum represented Ontario District at the International Contest in Toronto. It was their first International as a quartet and they placed 41st overall.

In physics, quantum can be defined as ‘a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents’. Quantum takes this same approach to singing, using the least amount of energy to create a free and relaxed sound that expands in magnitude.

Looking to get more out of their collective singing experiences, the four members of Quantum got together to pursue new goals. Inspired by artists like Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra as well as perennial Barbershop Harmony Society favourites (or favorites to our bass) Boston Common and Bluegrass Student Union, this foursome was founded with a commitment to top level singing and entertaining. Three of the members met while singing with the famed Toronto Northern Lights (2013 BHS Gold Medal Chorus Champions). Hailing from Ottawa, Toronto, and Barrie in Ontario, the quartet is as dispersed geographically as their tastes are musically.